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Google Contacts App Gets an Update; Will Let You Find Contacts Not Saved to Your Account

2/20/2020 6:35:10 PMVisitors: 460

Google has updated its Contacts app and it will now give you the contact information for people who are not saved in your Google account. This will, however, only work when you search for a contact. When you type in the search bar, it will show your saved contacts first and then the contacts from your other Google accounts under “Other contacts”. Tapping on them will give you more information given in their associated account. You can save them to your address book as well.

The “Other contacts” could previously be viewed by going to With this update, these contacts can now be seen within the Contacts app which makes it a lot more useful. This update comes with Contacts app version 3.17.1 and is the only change, according to the Play Store changelog.

Android Police reports that this feature is also available on app version 3.15.2. The report also states that this could mean Google is slowly rolling out the feature or it is server side enabled.

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or you can grab the APK from APK Mirror.

Gmail has had this feature forever where if you type out a contact name, it gives you all the related names associated with your Google accounts. Regardless of when you used that contact last or when you got a mail from the account.

Google Contacts lets you create a cloud backup of your contacts saved in your Google account so you can access them from any device. They can be organised into categories like work and personal. Google Contacts also gives you an option to merge your duplicate accounts. If you have a device that runs Android Marshmallow or later, grab the app from Play Store.

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