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Cloud Hosting Services

Compared with traditional servers, cloud servers virtualized a large number of cluster hosts' computing, network, and storage resources. Its CPU, memory, hard disk, and bandwidth resources can be flexibly expanded and used as needed.

There are five advantages to using a cloud servers hosting:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • High Availability
  • Latest Software & hardware technology
  • Cost-effective

Features of Cloud Servers Hosting @ WebShree

The Hardware - harder than possible
Robust hardware configuration combined with cutting-edge processing technology to support business loading easily

Faster than possible
Equipped with high-speed Sas3 SSD solid-state disk

Safety Strategy
Fully intelligent minute-level response speed.

Reliability, more reliable than possible
Trusted Cloud up to 99.999% of data persistence

Backup strategies, Double-time Assurance
We have full backups facility of data if requested.

DDos Protection
Distributed denials of service, hackers use DDOS attackers to control multiple machines to attack. We can provide professional defense against DDoS attacks for users' Internet applications through professional DDoS protection.